US Veterans Who Worked Around Asbestos

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Veterans Issues in the News

May 2018

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Matthew Hill, Managing Partner

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Are You Eligible For Additional Payment for Asbestos Related Illnesses?

Most US Veterans who worked around asbestos have an asbestos-related lung condition know to apply for VA disability compensation benefits. At Hill and Ponton, we are here to help veterans fight for their VA benefits. 

Veterans, and their family members, who have asbestos-related conditions, are eligible for a monetary compensation from one or more of several trust funds created to pay victims of asbestos exposure by companies who manufactured and used asbestos, including the US Military.

Asbestos is a mineral that was used for insulation and fireproofing, two things that were valued immensely by the military. Asbestos was used to insulate and fireproof the floors, ceilings, walls, and hulls and planes and ships, buildings, and barracks. Every time a pipe was refitted, a ceiling or hull scraped to be repainted, or something with insulation taken apart or put back together, asbestos was released into the air around for all to breathe.

Currently, of the 20 million veterans living in the United States, 30% live with lung disease of some kind due to their exposure to asbestos. Continue reading to find out if you could be eligible for a settlement. 


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